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Combine the three Mail Merge Template sets

Currently there are three different sets of mail merge templates, under CRM, Fundraising, and Events.  There only needs to be one.  My outreach director and I just wasted a good bit of time on this point which would have been saved if all the templates were in one location. 

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There is a 4th mail merge template area under Email Marketing. Not sure if it is shared with the other. 

I am struggling with this same issue the past few hours. I set up a campaign to send ticket numbers to event registrants and I can't select the ticket number mail merge field from the campaign window.

I tried to have a go at it through the event mail merge, which does not accept html from the mail merge template I set up under Campaigns. At the very least, set it up so it accepts html so we can manually share the templates from one area to the other.


This still seems to be a problem. It would be very helpful if there was just one Mail Merge Template location that you could utilize for all mail docs. I would be beneficial to have access to all donor data to insert into the doc from one site and access to all (and possibly more) docs to attach. I find it difficult and frustrating to create the right doc with limited data choices based on CRM, Gifts, etc. More flexibility is needed. There is a lot of time spent recreating docs when I realize I don't have the right data to choose from and or it is incomplete and I have to figure out how to use what I have.

This seems to still be the a problem.  Is there one template library which one can choose any template?  This is time consuming to re-create documents or not be able to copy and save elsewhere.  I have spent two days trying to set this up and now unable to send because I thought the template library was comprehensive. It has slowed my ability to get letters out to donors timely, and this is frustrating.  Can someone tell me if I can copy my existing templates into the other templates area if there is not a comprehensive library?  Thank you.

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