Both the Summary and Details Views on the Memberships grids will display information about membership transactions. However, the default Summary View will only show the most recent membership transactions for each constituent. So, for each individual or group membership, the Summary grid will show the most current transaction.


If you wish to see all the membership transactions, then you can switch to the Details View by clicking on Switch to Details that appears to the right of the Actions menu. The Details View will display every historical and current membership transaction along with all the constituents who are included on any group memberships. On this grid, you may find the Status and Expiration Date can differ from what appears as the Current Status and Current Expiration Date. This is because the Status and Expiration Date are for that specific membership transaction and the Current Status and Current Expiration Date may be pulled from a more recent membership transaction for this constituent.

The Details View will also allow you to process membership payments for outstanding balances. Click on the dollar bill icon to open the payment window.