Advanced Analytics subscribes can now run a Preview and Spam Test on their email campaigns before sending them out. The Preview test includes the ability to see your email template displayed across 100 different devices and email clients to insure every recipient sees your template correctly. The Spam test includes running your template through 17 different third party spam filters to analysis and provide a pass or fail response base on the content of your email template. Based on these results you can decide if any action is need to increase the deliverability of your template.

To run these tests you will need setup normal Email Campaign selecting your recipient list(s) and desired template. You will then see a new step within the Campaign setup called, “Email Preview”. This setup will allow you to run both the Email Preview and Email Spam Test at the same time. Before running you will have the option to either run it for all the email clients or if you select the “Customize your test” radio button you will be able to select on which specific devices/client you wish to see your email template displayed. After making that choice you can click the green “Run Delivery Test” button. The Preview test will take a minute or so to run and it is possible that the Spam Test takes an additional minute.


The Preview test will be displayed first and you can toggle between the tests using Preview Results and Spam Check toggle buttons at the top of the screen. On the Preview test running down the left hand side will be a list of all the email clients the test was run for, they are broken down into three sections, “Desktop Email Clients”, “Mobile Email Clients” and “Web Email Clients”. Each section can be expanded and contracted and you can click on any client within the list to see how your template will display. Based on these results you can then go back into the template editor to make any changes.


For the Spam Test you will see three charts at the top of the page displaying results for the various Spam Filters your email template was run through. They are broken down into B2C or Business to Customer Spam Filters and B2B or Business to Business Spam Filters. B2C representing Spam Filters that are typically used by email accounts used by the general public verses B2B which are spam filters used by email providers for professional or work applications. Depending on who you send your email campaigns to one maybe more important than the other. The middle chart is then a combination of both segments showing you the overall result.


Please note the spam test is only run based on the content of your email template, nothing else. So they are analyzing thihs like the text, images, the ratio of both and various other things. Unfortunately the specific details of what spam filters check for is mostly kept secret so that malicious creators are not able to cheat the system. If you would like some best practices for getting your email into your recipients inboxes please click here


Below the charts is then a list of each of the individual Spam Filters and a Pass or Fail grade for each one based on the content of your email template. Again based on these results you may wish to go back to the email editor and update the content of your template.