For many events, you may be using DonorView through a combination of the mobile app, donor portal, and laptops to use the standard software platform through a browser. There are differences in the capabilities and information available through each version.

  1. The cloud-based version of DonorView software is accessed via a browser like Chrome or Firefox typically using a laptop or desktop computer.
    1. The software platform allows access to all of the back end features of the software like building and managing the event registration, auction and donation pages. 
    2. It is also where you can update guest information, record auction add-ons, and manually check-in and check-out guests.
    3. Some activities performed during an event can only be done using the software platform.
  2. The mobile app version of the software is called DV Connect and is only available from iTunes for Apple products. 
    1. The mobile app is a pared down version of the software platform and has limited functionality compared to the desktop/laptop software.
    2. The same user email and password is required to login to desktop version and the mobile app. 
    3. The mobile app is not currently available for Android devices. 
    4. The mobile app can be used at events to check-in guests, sell tickets and other items, and swipe credit cards to store in a constituent’s account.
    5. See more about the features of the mobile app in this video. (Password: DV2017)
  3. The Donor Portal allows the donors to access their own information and manage their own accounts.
    1. With the advanced portal feature activated, donors can access the event calendar and event pages to purchase tickets and manage their own guest list.
    2. You can learn more about the advanced portal features in this video Donor Portal - (Password: DV2017) 
    3. Without the advanced portal features activated, donor portal activities are limited to just updating contact information or accessing active auction or peer-to-peer campaigns.
    4. Think of the Donor Portal as the public side of DonorView. To learn more about managing the portal and helping your donors manage their accounts see these support articles: