Membership Module - Membership Page Models

To view the page models, you must either be logged out of DonorView or open the pages in an another browser or incognito browser tab.

Simple Membership Page 

The Simple Model shows an example with individual constituent memberships with different levels and benefits associated with the levels. Simple Membership Page URL: 

Venue Membership Page 

The Venue Model provides an example of an organization that has a venue and membership benefits include admission to that venue for individuals, couples, and families. Venue Membership Page URL: 

Association Membership Page

The Association Model shows company or group memberships which can include sole-proprietors and companies with a varying numbers of employees. Memberships all expire on the same day of the year and pro-rated pricing is available for the membership levels. Association Membership Page URL: 

Formula-Based Membership Page 

The Formula-Based Model shows how membership prices can be determined by a formula, such as annual sales or employee count. Formula-Based Membership Page URL: