You can record volunteer time using the Time Tracking grid within the CRM module, or via the Time Tracking tab in a constituent's record. From the constituent's record, go to the Time Tracking tab and click on Add Service

  • In the new window you can allow the software to calculate the time provided by entering the Time/Date From and Time/Date To fields. 
  • You have the option to select Enter Time and manually record the date and time. 
  • You can also include Miles and assign a Dollar Value. You can assign the service to up to four independent Constituent Service Categories. These service categories are editable like most dropdown fields within the software. 
  • Selecting a Related Contact will automatically assign the same hours and information to the related contact's record. A constituent relationship must have already be created using the Relationships tab.
  • You can assign a Location for the services, and this list is editable as well.
  • The Comments field allows you to add any other information necessary to the record.

Time can also be added via the CRM Time Tracking grid by clicking on the +New to open the same window as is shown above.