After clicking “+ New” and selecting “Auto Reminder,” you will be taken into the set up. At the top of the page, you will see tabs showing the 4 steps for setting up an Auto Reminder. The first step is Auto Reminder Info, here you will insert the following:


Name – Insert the Name that will be displayed on the Auto Reminder grid for the title of this campaign.

Email Display Name – Insert the name will that appear as the sender of the Auto Reminder Email when it is sent out.

From Address – Insert the email address that will appear as the sender of the Auto Reminder Email when it is sent out.

Subject Line – Insert the text that will be the subject line of that email.


The next step is Settings, here you will be able to select which specific Membership Levels should be included within the campaign or you can select to have the Reminder go out based on a member’s current Expiration Date.


Please note: if you are running your Auto Reminder based on the selection of specific Membership Levels, a member who purchased a different Level from the one they originally purchased will still get an auto reminder sent to them for the original Membership Level that was purchased. If you wish to avoid this or if your members are always purchasing a different Membership Level… For example, you use Membership Levels with hard date expiration dates then we recommend turning on and using the “Use Current Membership Expiration Date”. This setting will only look at the most recent expiration date across all of a constituent’s Membership transactions regardless of level and then determine whether a reminder needs to be sent.


At the very bottom of this page, you will find the setting for the setup of when a reminder should go out. Below are the descriptions of those fields.


Send (days) – Insert the number of days for the reminder

Before/After Expiration Date – Select whether the reminder should be sent out before or after the expiration date on the membership transaction

Enabled – Select Yes if this Auto Reminder should be activated to go out.


After the Settings tab, the next step is the Attached Template tab. Here you will be able to create or select the email template that will be used as the Reminder. If you wish to create a new template, click, “+ New Template” and select, “With template builder”. If the email template already exists, find it on the grid and mouse over the image to click, “Use”. 

Within the editor, you will be able to insert in Mail Merge fields that can pull in data from the data on main Membership grids. To access these Mail Merge fields, double click within a Text Block and you will see a dropdown field titled, “Mail Merge”. Select the desired values from the dropdown picklist and they will insert into the template text. All the other features of the editor are the same as the Email Marketing module. Once your template is complete, click Save & Close.


The final step is called Schedule. This will allow you to review the previous settings you selected. You can also choose to send out email tests of the Reminder from here. At the bottom of the page, click the checkbox next to “Send Test Email”. You are then able to enter up to 10 email addresses per campaign to test your reminder. There are no required actions on this step to ensure your reminder is active and sent out. It is only here to display information and allow you to test your campaign.