A grid View can be created two different ways, either directly through the Grid or using the View Builder. This article will focus on building a new View directly on the Grid. On the grid you have a variety of options to manipulate the columns on grid and what data is shown. Just above the grid you have Menu options such as Filter and Sort. By mousing over either of these Menus you will be able to click “Add Filter” or “Add Sort” and then select the desired field and values associated with your needs. Through these menus you are also able to insert multiple Filters or Sorts before applying them to the grid.


Beyond those direct menus you can also use Edit Column Settings, which is accessed by clicking on the three dots that appear next to every column title on the grid. Edit Column Settings can apply filters to that specific column, hide or show columns, and lock a column to the left side of the grid. You can also drag and drop the column to a desired order and apply filters from the Quick Queries sidebar. Any views created using any combination of the Edit Column Settings, Quick Series sidebar, and top filter/sort menus can be saved into a single View.


To save a View click on the three-dot menu next to any view shown under the sidebar View menu. In that menu select “Save View As” to create a brand-new View. Or, to apply those updated filters and sorts to an existing View you can click “Save View” next to the View you would like to update.