Users of the Card View on the Membership Directory can now assign and display emblem icons on their member’s directory profiles. Users can choose from existing emblem with a custom color or upload their own artwork. Emblems can be assigned based on Membership Level or Level and Constituent Category. Along with the emblem users can also assign a sort order to make members assigned emblems appear at the top of the directory above other members.

To setup a member emblem for your directory you can mouse over the Workspace main, navigate to the General Membership module and click on the Membership Emblem menu option. There you will see a grid that will display any emblems that were previously created.

To create a new emblem mouse over the “+New” menu and click “Membership Emblem”. Once you are inside the setup you will see the following fields and options.

Internal Name – Enter the name you wish to call this emblem for internal users only

External Name – Enter the name that will be displayed publicly for this emblem when viewers mouse over the emblem image.

Sort Order – Enter the number for the order members assigned this emblem should appear on the directory. The lower the number the higher they will appear on the page, “1” being the top position.

Enable – Set to “YES” to display this emblem on your directory or directories.

Upload Your Pictures… - Use this button if you wish to upload your own image file for use as the emblem. Please note the Image file needs to be 50px by 50px.

Select From Library – Use this button to select from a library of icons. Beyond the selection of the icon you can also choose its color.

Constituent Category – Beyond which Membership Level the member is subscribed too, you can also select a Constituent Category they must also be subscribed to before they can be awarded the emblem. The selection of multiple categories will not mean the member has to be subscribe to both but rather anyone subscribe to either/or will qualify.

Membership Levels – Select which Membership Levels those who should be awarded the emblem should have an active membership for. Similar to the Constituent Category if you select multiple levels it does not mean that the member must be active under both levels, but can instead have an active membership under either/or.

Once you have gone through all the settings above you can then click the green “Save” button to save your emblem settings or “Cancel” to back out of the setup without saving anything.


Once your emblem has been created you can then select it on the grid to edit. After selecting the desired emblem row a “View/Edit” button will display. Click that button if you wish to edit that emblem setup. There is also a trashcan icon if you wish to delete that emblem or you can just display it rather than completely deleting it.