Fundraising Module

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The gifts grid contains information about each transaction, whether that is a donation, pledge, pledge payment, event purchase, auction item purchase, or membership. Information is auto populated from the entries provided in the different donation, event, membership, peer-to-peer, and auction pages, as well as any contributions or pledges entered manually. 

All gifts, or transactions, are identified by the type, for example general, in-kind, membership, or event. The grid also contains four columns of data, the For, Fund, Event and Appeal fields, which identify the revenue sources for creating specific views, queries, and reports. These four lists are editable for the organization’s needs. Many organizations will use the “For” field to identify the program, project, or campaign the money is earmarked for, such as the after-school program or summer camp. The “Fund” field is often used to identify the bank account or financial area the money is deposited or designated for, such as the general fund or capital fund. The “Event” field can show several sources of revenue that are associated with an event such as a golf tournament or gala. And the “Appeal” field is often used to capture the responses to invitations, annual and special appeals, or the source of the contribution like Giving Tuesday or Facebook. 

For more information about this grid, see the video “Fundraising Gifts Grid” and for information on entering a donation see “Entering a general donation.” (password DV2017)


Within DonorView pledges are a promise to contribute in the future. Once a pledge is created, a pledge payment can be received against the pledge. Pledges can be one-time, or they can be recurring payments made over a specific frequency, like monthly or quarterly payments. Pledges and pledge payments are recorded and shown on the Gifts Grid, but the pledges grid shows a detail view of the pledges with each payment due as a default. The summary view shows the total amount of the pledge, how much has already been paid and future payment information. For more information about the pledges grid, see the video “Pledge Grid & Constituent Tab” as well as “Entering and Managing a Pledge.” (password DV2017)

Donation Pages

The donation pages grid is where online giving forms are created. The pages can be customized and styled to suit the organization’s needs and there is no limit to the number of pages that can be created. To learn more about creating a donation page, see the video “Online Donation Form Set Up.” (password DV2017)

Goal Progress

The goal progress grid creates widgets for the organization’s website to show progress towards a goal, for example a thermometer showing how much has been raised towards the annual fund goal. Multiple pages, activities, and contributions can be combined into a single fundraising goal category, such as having a golf tournament, donations, and an auction all be counted towards a campaign goal. To see more about creating a goal progress widget, see the video “Fundraising Goal Progress.” (password DV2017)


Sponsorships can be established for event levels, membership levels, and general support for the organization. The sponsorship page is where the names of the sponsorships are set up including what tasks (or deliverables) are required, and establishes the follow-ups required for the tasks. To learn more about the sponsorships feature, see the video “Sponsorships.” (password DV2017)


If the organization applies for and manages grants, use the grants feature to enter the information. Grants can be linked to a donation entry when the grant is awarded. To see more about grants in DonorView, see the video “Grants.” (password DV2017)

Mail Merge Gift Templates

The acknowledgement (or thank you) letters for general, in-kind, pledge payment and stock donations are created in the Mail Merge Gift Templates. The letters are built similarly to Microsoft Word and utilize the fields available in the gifts grid for the data. To learn more about this feature, see the video “Gift Mail Merge Letters.” (password DV2017)

Mail Merge Pledge Templates

Similar to the Gift and Constituent mail merge letter templates, the pledge templates use the data in the pledges grid to produce the letters. Learn more in the video “Pledge Mail Merge Letters.” (password DV2017)