1. Duplicate records are formed when the constituent uses a different name or email address than the one that is already on file in the database.
  2. To manage attendees, it is helpful to understand how duplicate constituent records are created and the importance of the primary email address for constituents.
  3. By default, the software will create a new constituent if the combination of First Name, Last Name, and Email is unique. 
  4. With the default settings all three fields must match exactly in order to link a transaction to an existing constituent record.
  5. Some organizations will elect to create new constituents on Last Name and Email fields only, or the Email field alone. 
  6. The benefit of removing First Name from the duplicate check is that spouses can share the same record or someone with a name like Robert can enter their name as Rob, Robert, Bob, Bobbie, or any other nickname and still be linked to their constituent record with just their Last Name and Email.
  7. The options set up for the organization can be found in the menu under the organization name, under the Account menu, then the Settings menu. 

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