When selecting Batch Update Records from an Action menu, you can update information for the constituents shown on your grid, up to a maximum of 500 records, all at once.

Begin by filtering the grid for the constituents you would like to update, ensuring that your view includes no more than 500 records. Select the Actions menu and click on Batch Update Records.

Another option for batch updates is adding interactions or follow ups to all the constituent's records. When the new window opens, select the Interactions section.

You can record:

  • The Date/Time of the interaction
  • The Status - Open or Closed
  • The Primary Relationship - indicates who the person was in your organization that made this contact
  • Interaction Type - a customizable dropdown to identify the type of interaction being recorded
  • Category 1 and 2 - also customizable dropdowns you can use to categorize the interaction for reporting purposes
  • Description of the interaction

If desired, you can also create a Follow Up for the interactions:

  • Follow Up Date/Time - when the next interaction or task is due
  • Follow Up Type - customizable list to identify what action is to be taken
  • Follow Up Contact - who the person is in your organization who will be assigned the follow up
  • Follow Up Description to describe the details for the actions to be taken

With Share Options, you can limit which users can see this interaction information. Leave the boxes unchecked to make it viewable to all users.

Click Update at the bottom of the window to add this interaction and/or follow up to all the constituents shown on the grid.