NOTE: This is the first event setup for Gift cards. Refer to How do I set up an event where gift cards can be used? for the second event.

In Workspace > Events > Event Pages, create or edit your Event Page.

On the Event Settings step, scroll down to the bottom to the Advanced Settings section. Make sure Gift Card Event is set to YES.

Next, navigate to the Event Setup step. This is where you can set up different increments for your gift cards by clicking Add Level.


Next, on the Customize Ticket step, you can edit and design what you want your gift card to look like. The gift card level and ID will be included by default. 

After someone has purchased a gift card, it will accumulate under their contact record on the Payment Options tab in the Gift Card Balance grid, as well as under Workspace > Events > Events, Event - Details with a 16-digit code they can use on future event purchases; the gift card can be used towards multiple events.