The reporting module allows you combine information from both the Constituent and Gifts grids together into a single excel file. It also allows you to select specifically which fields you would like to see on your report and which of those fields you would like to use to filter your data. The setup of a report is broken down into three parts:

Step 1 Report Info

Enter in the following information

  • Report Name:  Give your report a name.
  • Tags – optional – add tags that can be used  to search your reports
  • Report Folder  - group your reports by folders (Fundraising, CRM etc) if desired
  • Description – describe what this report will return.
  • Report Type – There are 5 choices: Fund Raising, Youth Membership, Interaction, Attendance, Time Tracking

Step 2 Report Fields

Select which fields from both the Constituent Grid and Gift Grids you would like on your report by clicking the checkbox next to the fields name. Please keep in mind selecting any of these field under the Available Gift Fields column will show the report by individual gift data.

Step 3 Report Prompts

Select which of your reporting fields you would like to use to filter the data for your report and then click Generate and a Excel file will be downloaded onto your computer.