1.  First, log in to DonorView.

2.  Once you are logged in, navigate to the top right-hand corner of the home page and locate your organization’s name.

3.  Hover over the drop-down arrow next to your organization’s name.

4.  Next, you will see a drop-down menu that consists of “Account,” “Users,” “Portal Info,” “Billing,” and “Accounting.”

a. The Account submenu allows you to manage "Settings," which includes contact information for your organization, payment methods, options, and management of chapters if utilized by your organization.

b.  The Social Media submenu allows you to upload links to your social media accounts which will auto populate in the footer of email marketing templates.

c.  The Bank Information submenu is where you can direct online transactions to specific bank accounts.

d.  The Text Messaging Activity submenu redirects you to the Text Messaging Activity grid available under the Workspace>Reports menu.

e.  The Saved Cards submenu shows you a grid with all of the saved credit cards on file and which constituent they are associated with. 

f.  The Refund Status submenu shows the status of any refunds you have requested for your constituents.