The Membership Attendance grid allows for you to check-in and check-out active members based on a specific date. The default date selected for the grid is the current date, however, if you need to change that date you will see a Date option on the left-hand sidebar. Click on Date and then enter the desired date into the field.


Above the grid, you will find the ability to search for specific Members and switch over to Attendance History where attendance is previously taken can be displayed based on a date range. Next to the Attendance History button you will find options to Check-In All and be able to select the time for this batch check-in. There is also an undo option to remove the check-in for all the members shown on the grid. Doing a batch check-out is also an option with a selected time as well as a batch undo for all check-outs.


On the grid itself, you will find a listing of all the active members and a column for “In” and “Out”. These two columns are editable on the grid and allow you to check the boxes on any row. Once the box is checked the current time will be inserted onto the grid. These check-ins and check-outs are automatically saved. If you need to edit the time you will see a blue Pencil and Paper edit icon at the far left-hand side of the grid. Click on this icon to make your edits.