Follow along videos for creating mail merge letters are available in the DonorView video library. The password is DV2017 to access the video library.

To create a mail merge template, go to the applicable module you are creating the letter for. There are mail merge template libraries for the CRM, Fundraising, Events, and General Membership modules.

For example, to create a Gift mail merge template navigate to Workspace > Fundraising > Mail Merge Gift Templates.

Click on Mail Merge Gift or Pledge Templates, depending on the type of letter you are creating. Any existing letters will be shown in the library. To edit and existing letter, hover your mouse over the letter and click on Edit. To create a new letter, on the left side of the screen, click on +New Template and then click create new.

The letter is created and edited in a Microsoft Word-style editor. Use the menus across the top to select font, layout, insert images, tables and hyperlinks, as well as inserting the mail merge fields you would like to use to personalize the letter. The mail merge fields that are available are shown in the drop down list when you click on Insert Merge Field. Only merge fields associated with the module you are currently working in are available. For example, in the Mail Merge Gift Templates, only merge fields associated with gifts are available, not memberships, pledges, or events. When you are complete with the design and edits, click the green Save button to save the letter in the library or Save As to create a new letter with a new name.