When selecting Batch Update Records from an Action menu, you can update information for the constituents shown on your grid, up to a maximum of 500 records, all at once.

Begin by filtering the grid for the constituents or records you would like to update, ensuring that your view includes no more than 500 records. Select the Actions menu and click on Batch Update Records.

Available only from the Gifts Grid, you can elect to batch update groups of transactions. For the records shown on the grid, you can update the:

  • Gift Date
  • Deposit Date
  • Acknowledgment status, How and Date
  • For, Fund, Event or Appeal
  • Payment Type
  • Location
  • Site/Chapter (if activated for your organization)
  • Source and Source Name for the transaction
  • Fundraising Goal Category
  • Gift Category - in this case the transaction can be added to or removed from a gift category by checking the box
  • If Peer to Peer Gift is identified as Yes, you can select the P2P campaign and participant or team to receive credit for the gift.

Click Update to save the changes to all the records shown on the grid.