Once you create a new survey (or select one from the library), the Survey Wizard will walk you through each step. The steps are listed at the top of the page. They are clearly marked with their status, as well as which step you are currently on. Not all steps will be necessary for every survey or poll.

The steps in the process are as follows:

  1. Survey Info – basic information such as survey name and description as well as the distribution method
  2. Survey Settings – options that determine the behavior of the survey such as survey active dates
  3. Questions – create, edit, and customize the style of your survey questions
  4. Survey Styling – customize the look and feel of your survey or poll with fonts, colors and options
  5. Attach Recipient List – if distributing the survey or poll via email, select which Recipient List that it should be sent to
  6. Welcome Message – if distributing the survey or poll via email, create a welcome message that your recipients will see in their email that will allow them to start the survey
  7. Thank You Message – customize the message that your survey taker will see after submitting their responses
  8. Schedule or Send – if distributing the survey or poll via email, schedule a time for email delivery or send it automatically, otherwise this page will provide the URL and QR Code for linking to the survey