The VP3300 Bluetooth Credit Card Swiper is our newest offering for swiping Constituent Credit Cards to process Donations as well as Event and Auction transactions on the go through our Mobile App.


To request pricing for the device or request the devices for your next event please send an email to


How do I know if I have the VP3300 Device?

To tell if you have the VP3300 Bluetooth device, you will need to look at the front and back of the device. The front will have logos for the four major credit card providers and the back with have “IDTECH” written across it.


Can I see the User Manual for the VP3300?

Yes, please click here.

New more help Troubleshooting?

Yes, please click here.


Can I watch how to uses the VP3300 and DV Connect App?

Yes, please click here. (The password to watch is “DV2017”)


Where can I download the DV Connect mobile app?

The DV Connect app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Simply launch the Apple Store App and search for “DonorView”. DV Connect should then appear as one of the search results. Click the “Get” button to download or if you see an “Open” button it means you already have the app downloaded on your device.


How do I charge the VP3300?

Depending on when you need to use the device it may need to be charged. If you click the power button and there is no response, then please charge the VP3300. Along with the VP3300, you should also have received a USB charging cable in the packaging. To plug the cable in make sure the “IDTECH” side is facing you, the text is right side up and then turn the device to the right. In the top right corner, you will see the connection for the smaller side of the USB charging cable. The other larger side of the USB charging cable can be plugged into your laptop or any Standard USB Charging power brick.


How do I pair the VP3300 to my Apple iPad or iPhone?

Unlike other Bluetooth devices this one doesn’t need to be paired within the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad. You can pair it while inside DV Connect app with the Payments, Authorize, Events or Auctions module open.


With the 4 major credit card logos facing you, turn the swiper to the right and on that side panel towards the bottom you will find the power button. After the device has been charged, press the button once. You will see the 4 green light flash on the credit card logo side, and you will see a blue light flashing on the “IDTECH” side. This means the VP3300 is ready to pair.


On your iPad/iPhone, open either the Payments, Authorize, Events or Auctions module, select the desired transaction page or item and click the blue swipe button. A popup should appear with the name of the Bluetooth device asking if you wish to pair it. Once paired, can swipe the card. If you get an error message, try clicking the power button on the VP3300 again.


Will the VP3300 work with an Android phone or mobile device?

No, there is currently no DV Connect app available for Android, however, is it in the Development Pipeline for a future release.


Can I “Tap to Pay” using the VP3300?

No, although this feature is available through the VP3300 it is not currently supported through DonorView and the DV Connect App.


Can I “Insert the Chip” to pay using the VP3300?

No, although this feature is available through the VP3300 it is not currently supported through DonorView and the DV Connect App.


Where do I swipe the Credit Card on the VP3300?

Make sure the side that says “IDTECH” is facing you right side up, at the top of the device you will find the slot to swipe the credit card. Mark sure the mag strip on the card is facing down and away from you and run it through the slot. You will hear the device beep and a green light should light up in the lower left corner of the device. If you see a red-light flash, then there was an issue with the swipe or pairing with your iPad/iPhone.


For any other questions or issues please email our support team at