Organization Settings

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The organization settings are found in a menu under the organization’s name in the top right corner of the screen. The Account ID, Support Plan, and support phone number can be found here.


In the account menu, the account settings link is where the organization’s info and logos are updated, the status for payment methods is shown, and different options can be activated. The social media accounts can be entered for auto population in email marketing templates. If the organization wishes to use multiple bank accounts, the bank information can be customized for each fundraising, event, and membership page. There is a list of saved credit cards to keep track of expiration dates. And the refund status will show the progress for any refunds that have been initiated. Watch more about account settings in the video “Account Settings.” (password DV2017)


The DonorView users menu is where new users are added, and security settings can be modified. The mobile users menu is only used for youth memberships. The portal users grid provides a list of all constituents who have created a portal account. Learn more about users in the video “Account User Management.” (password DV2017)

Portal Info

Each organization will have a unique URL for constituents to create a portal account. Depending on the setup here, the constituents can have access to their donation history, pledges, events, memberships, documents, as well as the ability to update their own personal information, manage their subscriptions, passwords, and credit card payment methods. The video “Member Portal Features” (password DV2017)demonstrates the features of the portal.


The billing information includes tabs to see the current credit card on file to pay DonorView invoices, a grid for copies of those invoices, the statements to show constituent credit card charges and the associated bank deposits, which services are activated, and a grid showing minutes that have been recorded for support plans that include phone support. See more about billing in the video “Account Billing.” (password DV2017)


Under the accounting menu is where the QuickBooks chart of accounts, lists and general ledger mapping are found. This is also where transactions can be exported from DonorView to a QuickBooks IIF file or connected directly to QuickBooks online. Learn more in the video “QuickBooks Integration.” (password DV2017)