An In Kind gift is entered by adding a new gift either from the Gifts or Constituents Grid or from within the constituent's record under their Gift Tab. 

From the gift entry screen, select the gift type In Kind. You may assign a dollar value to the gift or leave it as zero depending on the accounting practices your organization has chosen to adopt. If the In Kind gift is to be used as an auction item, switch the Potential Auction Item? button to YES. You can enter the information about the auction item now, or edit it later.

In Kind Donation Fields:

Item - Enter a description of the In Kind Donation.

Quantity - How much of the In Kind Donation did you receive.

Weight LBS - How much did the In Donation weigh in pounds.

Date of Sale - If sold, what was the date of the sale.

Sale Value - If sold, what was the sale amount or how much would it sell for.

Current Status - For items that require repairs or need to be prep you can assign it a status.

Final Disposition - Enter the final state of the item or you decision on what should be done with it.

Associated Expenses - Enter the cost to repair or prep the item.

Potential Auction Item? - Select Yes, if you wish to use this item as an Auction Item. Additional fields will become available association with setting it up as an Auction Item. This information can then be transfered onto the Auction you wish to include the In Kind Gift in.

Please see How do I add a gift? for more information.