A Constituent is any record in the database including members, donors, vendors, grantors, contacts on an email list, sponsors, and prospects. A Constituent is an entity that you want to communicate with, record transactions for, or is related to another constituent in the database, such as an employer. Constituents can be individuals (people) or companies (groups, organizations, or businesses.) The constituent individual's last name or the constituent company's name will be listed in the Last Name/Constituent or Last Name field. 

In the example below, the constituent record for a local business person, Eralyn Adams, shows "Adams" in the Last Name/Constituent field, and the name of the company he works for "Adams & Co." in the Company field on the same row as his name outlined in green. The company he works for also has a constituent record, a Company profile type where "Adams & Co." is listed under the Last Name/Constituent Field. You can can also see the company's primary contact information in the Primary 1 Contact Title, Primary Contact 1 First Name, Primary Contact 1 Last Name fields outlined in yellow.

The primary contact is the main contact person at the company. This person will have their own individual constituent record and will be linked to the company constituent record via an employer-employee relationship. There are Primary 1 (main contact), Primary 2 (secondary contact), and Invoice contacts available for all company constituent records. These fields are also shown on the Constituent, Gifts, and Membership Grids. The Primary 1 Contact also has the ability to login to the company's information from the member Portal. There is no limit to the number of Company Contacts a company can have and they do not have to be assigned as primary or invoice contact.