1. The decision on how to include options to participate or support an event depends on whether or not their support will include admission or participation in the event.
  2. If admission or a ticket to participate in the event is NOT included in the sponsorship, you could make it an event add-ons.
    1. Add-on purchases are not included in the event attendance list.
    2. If only add-on purchase are selected, there will be no request for attendee information or a link to create the portal fundraising page.
  3. If the event level, like a sponsorship, does include some admission to the event, you could also provide instructions in the Page Content & Display Options for them to select Participant or Dependent Participant roles for any of the included attendees.
  4. You also have the option to create a separate donation page or event page specifically for sponsorships that is not linked to the P2P campaign if desired.
  5. Note that if a separate sponsorship event page is created, any sponsor’s attendees will be listed only under that sponsorship event in the Event Attendance grid. You cannot view two events at one time in the Event Attendance grid.