There are two different ways to create a new member and which option you choose is based on whether the Guardians are already in the system or not:


Add New Member – If the guardians are not in the system then click the green, “New Member” button. This will take you to a blank Guardian form. Input the Guardian information and then continue on to Profile, Emergency, Medical and Household tabs.


Add New Member to Existing Household – If the guardians are already in the system and you just need to add another child to that household click the green, “Add New Member to Existing Household” button. This will launch a dialog where you can search for the Guardians. Once found select the guardian’s row, it will highlight in blue and then click the green, “Continue” button. This will then take you to a blank Member Profile screen where you can enter that member’s info. Then continue on to the Emergency, Medical and then Household tabs.