A single letter can be generated by using the Mail Merge column in the grid you are working in. Find the record that you would like to create a letter for and click the Envelope Icon under the Mail Merge column on that records row. The Mail Merge column may be located at the far right side of the grid.

From the new dialog box that opens, select the template, acknowledgement, delivery and archive options, then scroll to the bottom of the box and click OK to generate the letter or email.

If Print to PDF is selected, a new browser tab will open the letters shown as a single, pdf document.

If Email link to PDF file is selected, another dialog window will open and allow you to customize the email message that will be sent to the recipient.

If Print to Word is selected, the document will download into your Downloads folder as a Word document for editing and printing. If the word document is not opening or downloading, check that pop-up blocker is not turned on for DonorView.

In Chrome, click the lock icon to unlock the pop-up blocker.