1.  Auction Add-Ons are other things you would like to sell or record payments for at an event.

2. Auction Add-Ons are not visible on the auction page and cannot be purchased directly by an auction participant.

3. Auction Add-Ons can include things like:

a.  Raffle tickets (for traditional, paper ticket raffles)

b.  Paddle Raise, Fund-A-Need, Call-to-Heart donations

c.  Wine, bourbon, or purse pulls

d.  Game tickets 

e.  Live auction items where there will be multiples of the same item

f.  Shipping fees

g. Other special items

4.  You can create Add-Ons in Auction Setup>Add-Ons by clicking on the + Add Add-On button.

5.  Enter the Add-On information and click the blue Update button when complete to save the item in the list.

6.  Add-Ons can be edited in the Auction Setup tab and can also be edited when recorded at the time of purchase from the Auctions grid.

7. See more about recording Add-On purchases or donations in this article: https://support.donorview.com/en/support/solutions/articles/9000237107-how-do-i-record-an-add-on-