The Membership Auto Reminders grid will allow you to set up, manage and edit automated reminders that are emailed out to the members who are coming up on their expiration date or have gone past that date. Any Auto Reminders previously created will be displayed on the grid and will show the information about their setup. Included in this information is whether the reminder is active and how many days before or after a member’s expiration date the reminder is sent.


On the grid, you can also delete an existing Auto Reminder, find the trashcan icon on the far right of the grid, and click it on the desired row.


To create a new Auto Reminder, you will click the “+ New” button and select, “Auto Reminder”. Or to edit an existing reminder you can select it on the grid and then click “View/Edit” and select, “Auto Reminder”.


You are unable to enable or disable an Auto Reminder from the grid, you would need to go inside and edit the setup.