The Wealth Profile lookup is an additional service that we offer. It allows you to look up criteria for donors and then see that information in DonorView.

It is $1 per lookup. It does require certain access rights to be setup since there is an additional cost to use it. 

  • Search Prospect wealth profiles from within DonorViewProfile data is automatically stored in DonorView
  • Search from 300 million profiles
  • Analyze Profile data based on more than 30 criteria such as propensity to give, net worth, estimated annual donations etc. 


  • $0 - if no match is found
  • $1 for each match found based on the name, address, phone and email information

After you have a successful lookup, the wealth information will be seen on the Wealth Profile screen under CRM.  You will see things like Cash on Hand, Is Business Owner, Estimated Annual Donations, Influence Rating, etc.