Credit cards can be entered several ways:

  1. Manually typing the card number in via the Event Attendance grid or constituent’s record.
  2. By swiping a credit card with the mobile app.
  3. By the constituent when they register for the auction or try to bid on an item.

To add a card manually:

1.  The fastest way to enter a credit card manually is to click on the edit icon on the row for the attendee.

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2.   Enter the credit card number, expiration date and security code.

3.  You can also right click (or CTRL click) on the credit card icon on the attendee's row to enter the card number in the Payment Methods tab of their record.

a.   A red credit card icon indicates there is no credit card on file for that attendee.

b.  A green credit card icon indicates there is a credit card on file. Hovering over the green icon will reveal the last four digits and expiration date of the card on file.

4.  The Payment Methods tab will require collect billing address information.

To swipe a card using the DV Connect App and DonorView provided Bluetooth swipers:

1.  It is strongly recommended that this activity be practiced by all those using the app prior to the event.

2.  Log into the DV Connect App.

3.  Click on the Authorize icon.

4.  Swiping the credit card is demonstrated in this video (password: DV2017). 

5.  The swiper needs to be synced with the device first (example starting at minute 4:45 in above video)

6.  You can choose to swipe the card, then select the matching name in the database, or search for the constituent then swipe to pair it to that specific constituent. 

7.  Note that if you see a blue Swipe button instead of a green Cancel button, you need to power on or re-pair the swiper. Click on the Swipe button and push the power button on the side of the swiper to reconnect.

8.  To search for a constituent, type in their last name and click Search from the keyboard. 

9.  Click the arrow next to the name you want to select – taking note of the email address associated with the account.

10.  This will be the email address they will use to sign up or sign in to the portal.

11.  Be sure to update the record with email and zip code if it is blank. 

12.  With the constituent selected and all fields completed, click Next at the bottom right corner of the screen.

13.  If the button shows a blue Swipe, the Bluetooth has gone to sleep. Click on the power button on the swiper to reconnect. With the Bluetooth connected, there will be a green Cancel button showing on the screen.

14.  Hold the swiper so that the name ID Tech is facing you and swipe the card.

15.  Once the card is swiped, the swiper will beep and there will be a confirmation showing on the screen.

Registration through Auction Page or Donor Portal:

1.  The attendees can add or update their own credit cards through the auction page or donor portal.

2.  The easiest way to do this is via the link provided for the auction. 

3.  The attendee can click the URL link for the auction or scan the auction QR code with their phone, and use the menu at the top right corner of the screen to either register or sign in.

4.  See more about the auction page registration process and entering credit cards in theses articles: 

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