When selecting Batch Update Records from an Action menu, you can update information for the constituents shown on your grid, up to a maximum of 500 records, all at once.

Begin by filtering the grid for the constituents you would like to update, ensuring that your view includes no more than 500 records. Select the Actions menu and click on Batch Update Records.

The first section that can be updated is the Constituent section. Here you can add or remove constituents from a Contact (aka Constituent) Category, Committee, Email List, Constituent Skill, Availability, or Text Message List. You could also add them to a Family, identify the Source or Source Name, update their mailing status, or add a Primary or Secondary Relationship into all their records.

You can update the constituent's prefix, suffix or update their salutations. Salutations are helpful for mail merge fields, so if you didn't know or have a first name for a constituent, you could update the Formal and Informal salutations to say "Friends," "Member," or "Supporter" so that there is something to populate that field in mail merge letters and email marketing messages.

If your organization has any custom fields created, you can also batch update any custom field. In the example below, Employee Giving Status, Status, and Stage are all custom fields.

Fields will only update if new information is been recorded. For example, if you have not selected any Constituent Skills in this batch update, that field will not be modified in any constituent's records. 

When you are finished selecting which fields will be updated, click the Update button at the bottom of the window to complete the action for all constituents shown on your grid.