Fundraising Module - Donation Page Models

To view the page models, you must either be logged out of DonorView or open the pages in an another browser or incognito browser tab.

One-Time Simple Donation Page 

The One-Time Simple Model only includes single gifts and does not include any special options.  This model is best for soliciting single gifts that are for one specific project or program. The only information collected is the amount of the gift, payment method, and the donor’s contact information. One-Time Simple Donation Page URL: 

Recurring Donation - Pledges Page 

The Recurring Model provides the option of making a single gift or setting up recurring payments (also known as a pledge) over time. It allows the donor to choose the frequency, day, and amount. This model is best for giving donors the option of how they would like to contribute. Recurring Donation Page URL: 

Select-a-Fund Donation Page 

The Select-A-Fund Model allows the donor to select which fund they would like to direct their gift. You can also set up your page to allow the donor to select the For, Fund, Event, Appeal or Location to which they would like to direct their gift. Select-A-Fund Donation Page URL: 

Multi-Options Donation Page 

The Multi-Options Model shows the many options available for setting up a donation page including single or recurring gifts, displaying goal progress on a page, using pre-defined amounts, paying processing fees, identifying tributes, matching gifts, and collecting information about the donor. Multi-Options Donation Page URL: 

Peer To Peer Donation Page 

The Peer To Peer Model is linked to a Peer-to-Peer campaign and allows the donor to select the participant or the team they would like to support. The donor can also choose to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation (pledge.) Peer To Peer Donation Page URL: