Before syncing your Bluetooth Credit Card Swiper please make sure it is fully charged. You can use any Micro-USB cable to charge the device. It will have 4 hours of active battery life or 8 hours of standby.

Once the Swiper is charged it is ready to pair. Open up the Settings on your Apple iPhone or iPad and click the BlueTooth menu option. After you have opened this page you can turn on the Swiper device by holding in the button on the side for a few seconds, the Green light should flash three times. After the flashing is completed click the power button again and this will activate the pairing mode, a Blue light will continue to flash. 

With paring mode activated the Swiper should appear on your iPad/iPhone for pairing under the OTHER DEVICES section as "BT MAG ...". Select the Swiper device in the that section and enter "0000" as the Pin or Pairing code. Once that code has been submitted your Swiper and iPad/iPhone should be connected. You can now open up the DonorView mobile app called, "DV Connect" and begin charging credit cards.