Time tracking can be performed and viewed in both the CRM and Volunteer Modules.  In the Volunteer Module, only those constituents identified with the Constituent Category of "Volunteer" will be shown on the Time Tracking grids. This is because some organizations use the CRM time tracking features to track more than just volunteer time. They may use it to track education or client services provided. Using the "Volunteer" Constituent Category helps to distinguish between the different types of time records.

The initial grid that will open is the Detail grid. This grid provides a record for each volunteer shift. The grid includes the View Builder and other typical grid features like filtering, sorting, and the Actions menu. From the Time Tracking grid, new volunteer time can be recorded by clicking on +New and then Service. The Time column shows a sum total at the bottom of the grid.

By clicking on Switch to Summary you can view the Summary Time Tracking grid. This grid shows the totals for each volunteer including Cumulative time, year to date, fiscal year, last year as well as first and last date, cumulative number of days and average time.  Note that when this data is exported to Excel using the Actions menu, the time columns that are displayed as hours and minutes (hh:mm) export as a text field, so they cannot be summed. You can get the sum in the columns with minutes displayed. Divide the total by 60 to get the number of hours, then divide again by 24 to get a total number of days.