User Rights determine which modules of the software and level of access each user will have.

  • User access levels can be removed or limited for each DonorView Software Module.
  • Admin Users can view/edit settings and add new users on the DonorView Users Grid in the Account Menu:

  • Add user: select +New above the grid and fill in Name and Email address and select whether they should have Admin, Bank and/or mobile access. Default setting is "Full Access" for all Module sections.
  • To Edit Access Level: highlight user's row in grid, then select View/Edit > Security Settings. Adjust/add Access Level(s) from the dropdown menu under each Module/Section Name and click "Save". 
  • To change/add Admin or Bank Authority: select ""Edit" button on right side of grid in desired user's row. Check or uncheck the appropriate boxes for "Admin Access" and "Bank Authority" and then "Update". (screenshot below)

Admin User Access

Admin Users have access to all software modules and all items in the Organization Account Menu including: 

  • Adding and managing Users and modifying their User Rights Security Settings.
  • Managing and editing Organization Account Settings and Social Media links for page/email footers.
  • Viewing and managing Billing, saved credit card and payment information, and monthly receipts/invoices.
  • Accessing the Accounting Module and QuickBooks Integration (if applicable).

Bank Authority User Access

Bank Authority users have access to view and add the organization's bank information for their sub-merchant account. The sub-merchant account allows any transactions processed through DonorView to be directly deposited into your organization's linked checking account(s) via Stripe, our credit processor. 

  • DV Users with Bank Authority do not have to be a Signer/Responsible Individual for the Organization's bank account; however, they will need to provide detailed information for that individual to complete the setup the sub-merchant account and verify the individual’s identity in compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) regulations.
  • See the Sub-merchant Account Setup article for instructions, required information, and FAQ.
  • Add a Bank Authority user: Select Edit on Right side of User Grid. Select "Has Bank Authority" in pop-up and update.

Non-Admin User Rights Options

Non-Admin Users have access to all software modules except for the Organization Account items listed above. User access levels can be limited or removed by Module. See available access levels by module in the table below. Learn more about system features available in each module by clicking the Module names in blue.

    Access Levels

  • Full Access: allows user to view, edit and export data in that module.
  • Full Access + Wealth Reportsame as above plus Wealth Profiles (requires active DonorSearch account)
  • No Access: removes all access to that module or function, including from appearing in menus within the software, and removes related tab(s) from the contact profiles in the CRM module.
  • Read Only: allows user to view records, but not add or edit information.
  • No Ability to Send: allows view/edit access for module, but removes the user's ability to send direct emails, email campaigns, surveys, and text messages from within the software.
  • Member Only: allows user to add new memberships and edit memberships and member attendance. Read only access for CRM contact profiles.

    Module Overview

  • CRM: Constituent contact information, interactions, volunteer module, and reports module.
  • Documents: allows user to manage, add, and delete uploaded documents in CRM module.
  • Fundraising: financial information and giving history for constituents including: donations, pledges, events, memberships, grants, and peer-to-peer module.
  • Online Donation: controls whether user can view or edit Donation Pages section of Fundraising module.
  • Events: all transaction information related to event purchases, registrations, and ticketing.
  • Memberships: all information related to memberships and renewals for constituents.
  • Email Marketing: all features related to the email marketing campaigns and templates.
  • Online Surveys/Forms: contains responses and setup features for custom surveys and forms.
  • Auctions: contains all information related to auction events.
  • Accounting: controls access to Accounting section of Account Menu for QuickBooks Integration/Exports.
  • Text Messaging: controls whether user can send text messages from any module in the software.

    User Rights Access Levels by Module

Module NameAvailable User Rights Options
CRMFull AccessNo AccessRead OnlyFull Access + Wealth Report
FundraisingFull AccessNo AccessRead OnlyFull Access + Wealth Report
Email MarketingFull AccessNo AccessNo Ability to Send
Online Surveys/FormsFull AccessNo AccessNo Ability to Send
Online DonationFull AccessNo Access

EventsFull AccessNo Access

MembershipsFull AccessNo AccessRead OnlyMember Only
AuctionsFull AccessNo Access

DocumentsFull AccessNo Access

AccountingFull AccessNo Access

Text MessagingAllowed to Send TextsNot Allowed to Send Texts