Once your auction is completed, you can process the payments.

NOTE: Auction item payments are processed manually using the methods below.


1) In Workspace > Auctions > Auctions:


This method allows you to select multiple auction items for a single bidder to process for payment; the Payment Type; to include the processing fee for credit cards; and the ability to select additional add-on items. Unpaid add-on items for the bidder will be checked off.

- Auction add-ons are only listed in Workspace > Auctions > Auctions. In this grid the add-ons can be processed for payment, along with auction items bid on.

- If a bidder only has add-on items and no items they bid on, click the dollar bill icon (Process Payment) for one of the add-on items. All add-on items the bidder has not paid for but "purchased," will be checked off on the Process Auction Payment pop-up.

- Credit Card must be selected as the Payment Type if a credit card is being charged.

a) You can select one record to process.




b) you can select multiple auction items in the grid to process one bidder/constituent by checking off the checkout box(es)  and then clicking Checkout.


2) In Workspace > Auctions > Bid History:

Click Actions > Process Bids to automatically process all winning bids. Each individual bid will be charged to the donor's credit card on file.

NOTE: In Workspace > Auctions > Bid History, only auction items are processed for payment.

The grid can also be filtered to select certain records only to process, if needed.


Note: Paid auction items will not be processed again.


Additional Notes:

In Auctions > Auctions you can suppress the Thank You email if you want. Otherwise, the thank you is sent.

In Auctions > Bid HistoryActions > Process Bids the Thank You email will be sent for each item if the payment is successful.