There are 8 different gift types. They are:

  1. General – a one-time cash donation. Cash donations include payments made by check, credit cards, gift cards, pre-paid subscriptions, and ACH transactions.
  2. Pledge – a promise to pay in the future, either as a one-time donation or a recurring donation made over time such as a monthly donation.
  3. Pledge Payment – a payment made on an existing pledge. A pledge must be created first to accept a pledge payment.
  4. Pledge Write Off – if a pledge cannot be completed, some or all the future payments can be written off. The pledge is still visible, but any unpaid, outstanding payments no longer show with an amount due. 
  5. In-Kind – includes any services or physical items such as office supplies, food, equipment, furniture, and items to be used for auctions.
  6. Stock – shares of stock typically from a company traded on the stock market.
  7. In-Kind Pledge – similar to a pledge for a cash donation, this is a pledge to provide services or physical items at some time in the future. 
  8. In-Kind Pledge Payment – a record of delivery of the in-kind services or physical items that were promised as part of an In-Kind Pledge.

Note that on the Gifts Grid, transactions for memberships, events, and auctions are automatically assigned those gift types, but they are not available as a choice when entering or editing gifts.

Once the gift entry is saved, the gift type is one field that cannot be edited or changed.