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Merging Records

It would be nice to be able to merge records in a way that you can CHOOSE which fields are carried over, which ones are not.

Currently one can chose ONE record to be the MAIN record and the other data gets "added" to that record.

It would be nice to say "I want this data but not that..." BECAUSE otherwise the DV user has more work after the merger.

Like if both records have an address but I want to keep only one, in the current setup I have to merge and THEN delete one of the addresses OR i have to first delete the address in a record before merging - either way, it's more work.

It would be nice to simply be able to select a field and say "keep" or "discard" or "make secondary" or something like that.

Anyway - would appreciate the consideration for this.

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This is another one of those "lack of power user features" issues that plague DonorView.  I can't believe that anyone at DV actually uses their own software in a real-world setting.  If they did, I'd bet their developers would start caring a lot more about user experience.  I would love to be able to custom-map all spreadsheet imports of all kinds as well as constituent record merges.

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