The Top Donors Reports provide a list of the top donors by total donation amount. 

The Views Library on the Constituent grid has four ready-to-use views to generate a list of top donors: Top Donors YTD, Top Donors FYTD, Top Donors 5Y, and Top Donors All Time

From the Constituent grid, select the triple dot menu of an existing view on the left sidebar and select "Open Builder". In the left side bar select your preferred Top Donors view from the Views Library. Then click the arrow on the right side of the green Save button to "Save View As" and name the view. Close the builder by clicking on the "x" in the upper right-hand corner, then select the new view from the "My Views" list on the grid.

The preset view generates the list of Top Donors by applying a filter in Step 2 of Is greater than or equal to: 1.00 for the respective field, based on which view is selected: YTD Received Amount, FYTD Received Amount, Five Years Received Amount, or Cumulative Received Amount.

In each view the YTD or FYTD Received Amount, Five Years Received Amount, and Cumulative Received Amount are included in the Selected Columns in Step 1 along with common constituent fields. In Step 3 a Descending sort is applied to display the donation amount totals from largest to smallest. Customize the Selected Columns, Filters, and Sort Order using the Step buttons in the builder, and click Save to update your copy of the view.

From the Constituent grid you can click on you can see the filters and sorts that have been applied to your view by clicking on Filter and Sort at the top of the grid. 

Can can continue to add and edit with additional filters, sorts, and quick queries from the side menu. Be sure to save the view once you are are satisfied with the results. You can use the Actions menu to export all the data to Excel, send this group an email or text message, create an email list, or send a mail merge letter.