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Managing large events through Donorview

Hello DV users! We are going to be managing a large event this year and were hoping to talk to someone who has used DV for their own large event. We're coming across some limitations with the credit card processing, check-in app, and auction check out. Any insight into how your organization used DV to manage your event would be greatly appreciated, so please reach out. Thanks so much!!

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Hi Abby. We use DV for live and online auctions and theater events. Due to COVID we are still figuring out the system, but I'm happy to chat with you and see if we can help each other. 

How many is a large event? Our live auctions don't go over 200 people, space limitations. Our theater events can go up towards 600 people in attendance. DV has its limitations, but I've found the DV support staff to be responsive and help talk through our needs and how DV can work with that. 

My email is Email me and we can swap numbers.

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