Navigate to Workspace > Auctions > Auction Pages.

1. The Auction Setup Page is the place to add auction items and any add-ons such as raffle or game tickets.


2. To add an item you can press the “+New” button which will bring up a new item screen.

3. Here you can add a caption for the item and a custom auction ID.

4.Next, you can add a description and any additional notes about the item.

5. You can add categories to the items in order to be able to filter items.


6. Next you can add tags, add the value of the item, add the starting bid, bid increment, a buy now price, and sales tax.


7. Click Next on the bottom of the screen.

8. Add photos of the auction item on the next screen and click Update on the bottom to finish adding the item.

9. To add an Add-On click on the tab in the top left corner.

10. Click “+Add Add-On” button and the screen will appear where you can add the price quantity and name of the item.

11. You can also add a non-refundable fee and a tax-deductible amount to the add-on.

12. Click Update to finish adding the add-on.


13. Click “Save & Next” button to go onto the Style Auction Page.