Inside your Account on the Portal Info page you will find a number of options to customize your Portal. First you are given the URLs to both your Donor and Parent Portal if you are a Youth Membership user. For both the Donor and Parent Portal you are also able to customize the Welcome Messages that appear on each of the Sign In pages.

Within the Portals there is also a Broadcast Message that will appear when any user signs in. This text of this message can be customized and you can choose if the message should scroll across the top of the page, display as a popup or both. 

You can also enter in the email addresses of up to 5 staff members who should be notified anytime a new Portal Account is generated. There are also options to disable multiple features, like the ability to enter time tracking records or upload documents by a portal user. $0 transactions can also be hidden from portal users and the portal as a whole can be disabled. Recurring Pledges can also be accessible by portal users if you wish and you can choose to allow your donors to update their payment schedule or payment method. Any Pledge changes by the donor can also trigger a notification email sent to up to 5 email addresses of your choosing.

Under the Portal Info settings you are also able to customize which modules you portal user will have access to. Simply checking the box next to the module title to activate it or uncheck it to disable. There is also a dropdown field so you can select the first page a Portal User will be directed to when they sign in.

Finally if any custom fields have been created for your Constituent's Profiles you will be able to select which of those fields will be visible to a portal user for editing under their profile. Again checking the box to activate or unchecking to disable that field.