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Category Usage

Hi, all, taking a shot in the dark here as I don't see a lot of activity in these Forums...

I'm looking for suggestions and best practices on how to utilize the various org-definable Category fields we have available.

So far we have these lists:

Constituent Categories

Gift Categories

Category1 (for Interactions)

Category2 (for Interactions)

Document Category

Relationship Category

(Are there others?)

What values is your org creating and using in these lists?


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Hi Sharon, 

We use some of those categories. Others, like you, I'm figuring out what use they are. We are a school, and DV is our main historical record, other than yearbooks, of alumni and our faculty and staff.  How you use these categories will depend on your organization and what information you are wanting to preserve on your constituents and their giving habits.

You are correct, there is not a lot of activity on the Forums. I wish there was, talking through with others who use the system allows for group thought that helps us all work better. 

Constituent Categories - probably our most used as every constituent has at least one category. It defines how they are connected to our organization. Donor, Alumnus, Current Parent, Student, Grandparent, ... A lot of our contact lists are based on these categories and it also provides a historical archive of our alumni, so probably the most important category for us.

Gift Categories - This one I don't use, simply because I don't know what purpose it would serve.

Interaction Categories - These we use, however it is a mess due to past systems. If I can get around to cleaning it up we may find some use in it when seeing how and why we contacted constituents. 

Document Category - Using this but haven't delved into how it works when I'm running lists or needing to find constituents with certain documents.

Relationship Category - Probably our second most used category, being a school with a 100 year history we have several generations come through and this relationship tool has been great in tracking the family groups. We kept the categories non-gender specific to help keep the category list manageable. 

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