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Batch Import

I'd like to propose a batch import feature for gift imports. There's been talk this maybe implemented at some point but I think any user of a database should be able to upload batches themselves.

The issue is particularly important because the current "gift batch" is not even really a batch - its VERY cumbersome to navigate with way too many clicks back and forth.

Would like to see a batch work something like this:

First Have choices regarding high-level similarities:

Choose Constituent --> Choose "For"--> Choose "Fund"--> Choose "Acknowledged" --> Choose "Acknowledged Date" --> Choose "Acknowledged How" --> 

Then get a choice to add "one item at a time" where you choose:

Date --> Amount --> Taxable Amount --> Payment Type (and all subsequently necessary choices such as check # and date, etc.)

Then, hit submit to add all of those items for the previously chosen constituent.

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And not just gift batch, also for new constituents and address changes. When we send out a mailing we receive a record of updated addresses. My options are to enter them in one by one or pay a fee to have them uploaded. Same with graduates and new families. Each graduating class is entered into our system in the summer, along with new families entering our school. Enter them in one by one? Pay DV to do it, profitable for DV but not for a non-profit. 

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I could not agree more.  DonorView can be very frustrating because there are essentially no "power user" features, and if you want to do any serious batch processing you have to request that DV do it for you for a fee, which creates needless cost for the user and wastes time.  We've spent hundreds of dollars so far on stuff like this, which is totally unnecessary.

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