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Add feature from events page to donation pay for pay later with cash or check

I'm about to roll out an employee giving campaign next week. I went to set up a page to do this.  Event pages are not the right fit, so I did a general donation page.

As I got through it, I wanted to add the feature (which is available on the Events page) to allow donors to pay later with cash or check.  It is not available for the donation page I am told.  It would be super beneficial for many charities and many donors to have this.  Many donor do NOT want to pay online but would fill the form out and pay with cash or check later.  It would not only help them, but it helps the charity on the back end to track not not manually enter this information.  I am in hopes you could just grab that feature (a check box) from Event Page and make it available in the same place (above the credit card payment information) on donation pages.  I'd love if I could add this by March 24th, 2022 to my employee giving page. 

I also need a feature in a field to have a check box, which allows donor on the donation page to choose their areas of interest for giving.  I need them to check or uncheck a given list of choices for this.  As it is now, they are forced to choose one from a drop down list.  Could you also please add this feature by next week March 24th.  

Both of these would be super helpful and integral to most charities, and it will make DonorView one of the best databases available.


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There is an option in the donation page to "Allow Everyone To Pay Later" (essentially a pledge). 

I also like the idea to allow people to select multiple areas of interest with checkboxes.

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