There are several ways to manage spouses within DonorView but, depending on your needs, you may require that spouses have their own separate constituent records. This option has the benefit of allowing you to track and communicate with each spouse individually. However sometimes you may still need to communicate with the spouses as a single household. 

You can create a Household Record, which will provide information on both spouses giving history in one record. Creating a Household Record creates a new constituent in the database. To see more about Household Records, please see the articles in the Household Records section of the knowledgebase.


If you decide not to use the Household Record feature, both spouse will appear on an unfiltered Constituent grid. If you are using this for a mailing list, without an particular identifier to show who is the Head of the Household, it could cause two letters to go a single address. To solve this problem you can identify one spouse as "Do Not Solicit" using the Mailing Status field. 

Then when you are preparing a mailing list, you can exclude the spouse using the Queries>Excludes>Mailing Statuses feature to remove them from the list.