There are several ways to manage spouses within DonorView but depending on your needs you may require that spouses have their own separate constituent records. This option has the benefit of allowing you to track and communicate with each spouse individually. However sometime you may still need to communicate with the spouses as a single household.


Since each spouse has their own constituent record they would both show up on an unfiltered Constituent grid which if used as a mailing list would cause two or more letters to go a single address. To solve this problem we recommend tagging one of the spouses in each couple as the Head of House. Using the Category field you can create a category value called, “Head of House” and then you can start subscribing one constituent for each couple to that category. This will allow you to filter the Constituent grid for only those subscribed to the “Head of House” category and eliminate the possibility of multiple constituents within the same house appearing on the grid. You may also consider updating the Envelope Salutation within the Head of House constituent record so it acknowledges both spouse name, ie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, etc.


So that single Individuals or company constituents are also included in you mailing list please make sure they are also subscribed to your “Head of House” category.