Volunteer events can be created to support a single activity, like a gala, race, or golf tournament, or they can be recurring events that happen on a regular basis, like office work, gift shop sales, meal delivery, or tutoring. You will create the event using the Event Pages in the Events Module. This article only covers the specifics related to volunteer events. To learn more about creating all types of events see these support articles: https://support.donorview.com/en/support/solutions/folders/9000122305

For a single-day event, on the Event Settings tab of the Event Page editor, you will complete the Time & Date and Notifications sections, then under the Financial Information section, the event will be marked as free event by toggling the Free Event button to YES.

  • Continuing filling out the Event Settings page as desired and under the Ticketing section, and if you would like the quantity of positions available to show on the registration page, toggle Display Quantity to YES.
  • If you only want volunteers to be able to select one activity, you can toggle Allow only 1 Level Purchase to YES.

At the bottom of the page in the Advanced Settings section, mark the Volunteer Event toggle to YES. Click Save & Next to continue to the Event Set Up tab.

In the Event Setup tab, you will be able to add the different volunteer activities and shifts by clicking on+Add Level

  • Add the details about the shift and activities to be performed in the Description field. 
  • With the event marked previously as a free event, the Price, Non-Refundable Fee, and Tax-Deductible Amount fields are not available. 
  • You'll enter the quantity of spots available in the Qty Avail. field.
  • In the Level Purch. Limit field you can limit how many registrations can be made for this level. You should enter "1"  if you do not want your volunteers to sign up for anyone other than themselves. If you want to allow people to register more than one person one the same form, you can enter a maximum number or leave blank for unlimited additional volunteers.
  • In the # of Attendees per Purchase field, you typically enter "1" to indicate that each registration is for a single person. 
  • You can also add the shift times in the Start Time and End Time fields, but since this is a single day volunteer event, there is no need to enter days in the Days Available field. That field is only used for recurring events.

  • You can also assign volunteers automatically to a Constituent Category and Subscribe to Email List in those fields. 
  • If you would like to restrict who can sign up for a specific level, you could also add an access code by toggling Use Access Code to YES.  

If you would like to automatically assign volunteer hours when the volunteer is checked in to the event, you can provide Time Tracking Defaults under that tab. 

  • Toggle Create time tracking on check in to YES.  
  • You can assign the Service Categories as desired.
  • By default, you would need to check in and check out the volunteer on the Attendance grid to calculate the number of hours and minutes they worked.
  • If you prefer to pre-populate the service time just based on checking in, toggle the Use level start & end time to YES to used the Start Time and End Time entered in the Level Info. You also can just enter the Hours - Minutes - Dollar Value to pre-populate those times.
  • Click Update to save the information.

If you need to capture any specific questions or if you allow volunteers to sign up for others, you can toggle Capture Attendee Info to YES on the Attendee Info tab. Click Save & Next when complete.

You can continue customizing the style and thank you message. On the registration page, the volunteer will select the shifts to register for. If enabled, they would also complete the attendee info questions and then the person completing the form will enter their information at the bottom of the page and click Submit to complete the registration.

Volunteers will receive a thank you email with a list of the levels they have registered for. Registrants and attendees for volunteer events can be viewed and managed in the Events Module as well as the Volunteer Module.