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Automated "Soft Credit" Split Function + "Mail Families" Function

We have a recurring problem with couples who donate or attend events together.  We will have a constituent record for each individual, and then one of them will go onto a donation page and make a donation from "Jane and Jim Smith" or something like that.  Now we have a third record which contains information that should be recorded in the individual records, but there's no good way to split it.

It would be ideal if DV included a tool that would automatically split the data in the new record across the existing records and delete the new record.  With that tool, I would find the records for Jane Smith and Jim Smith and then indicate who gets the hard credit and who gets a soft credit, and also have the option of creating a Family field value if there isn't one, then click "Split Record" and the system would take care of it.

As it is, we're struggling to figure out how to deal with this recurring issue.

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