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Change Constituent ID

Would be great to be able to change a constituent's id #. We have imported some data after having some data in the system and some constituents have completely different ID #'s (like "12" vs. "CV-00012"). It would be nice to be able to select the "id #" under profile and change it.

Better yet, being able to batch change by sorting by "Constituent ID" and then selecting those with a number (non-alpha numeric) and then create a new sequence like "AR-00012, AR-00013, AR-00014" etc.

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I dunno about this.  Generally I'm against altering any unique identifier in a database system because it's so easy to break things without knowing it if you start altering UIs.  Perhaps a better solution would be to standardize the Constituent ID format across the initial data load and subsequent data entry.

Paul, i could get on board with that. Of course there is a "danger" in the accessibility of the ID's - however, I've worked with systems where that IS possible. One could for example limit this kind of feature only to certain users via permissions so there is less risk. Or like you said, if there is an automatic formatting, it would be fine. For example, my original thought would have been that when I gave DV some data to import, that they would simply "ADD" the new records to the end, meaning the format would be the same CV-00... but the number would simply be higher. We'll see what happens. 

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