The setup for a new membership form or editing an existing one can be found by navigating to the Membership Pages screen. (Workspace>General Membership>Membership Pages)


Once on that screen, you can select “+New” to create a brand new page or if you need to edit an existing form, you can select it on the grid and click “View/Edit” and “Membership Pages”.


Now that you are inside the setup of a membership you will see 6 tabs at the top of the page. These 6 steps need to be completed for your membership form before you can use it. Descriptions for each step are listed below.


Acknowledgment Info – Create a name for your Membership form and set up sender details for the Thank You Email sent to the constituent after membership is submitted.

Membership Settings – Here you set up the main features of the form including adding photos, videos and customizing other content.

Membership Setup – Here you will create the different levels of membership that constituents can sign up for.

Membership Styling – Here you can customize the form through background colors, fonts, and font colors. User can also save their styling as a template to make the customization process easier in the future.

Thank You Message – Here you can customize the content and styling of the email that is shown on screen and emailed out after membership is submitted.

Preview & Publish – Once you reach this step your membership form is ready to process the transaction. This step will provide the URL and code needed to publish the form on your website or other online pages.